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Clinical experience with Rocaltrol in elderly patients indicates that the dosage recommended for use in younger adults may be given without apparent ill-consequence.

Excessive dosage of Rocaltrolcalcitriolinduces hypercalcemia and in some instances hypercalciuriathereforeearly in treatment during dosage adjustmentserum calcium should be determined twice weeklyIn dialysis patientsa fall in serum alkaline phosphatase levels usually antedates the appearance of hypercalcemia and may be an indication of impending hypercalcemiaAn abrupt increase in calcium intake as a result of changes in dietegincreased consumption of dairy productsor uncontrolled intake of calcium preparations may trigger hypercalcemia.

The early and late signs and symptoms Where to buy zyloprim of vitamin D intoxication associated with hypercalcemia include:

Since Rocaltrolcalcitriolalso has an effect on phosphate transport in the intestinekidneys and bonesthe dosage of phosphate-binding agents must be adjusted in accordance with the serum phosphate concentration.

Earlyweaknessheadachesomnolencenauseavomitingdry mouthconstipationmuscle painbone painmetallic tasteand anorexiaabdominal pain or stomach ache.

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